Katie Jayne

Yesterday, I grabbed a book to read while waiting for a doctor’s appt, the book was “Rescuing Sprite” and I cried for Mark Levin and his family, for Sprite and for my own families loss of our beloved Katie Jayne.

I was in a Pet Smart store one Saturday to buy dog food for yet another dog someone couldn’t wait to get rid of, our little Sugarberry and the local SPCA was there with adoptable dogs and cats, I had no intention of bringing a dog home and every logical thought would have told me not to even consider it but I saw this dog…. While everyone was looking at the puppies and kittens, this black lab mix sat quietly in the pen watching and I never saw such a sweet face or kind eyes on a dog and she grabbed my heart so fast my brain just didn’t catch up. She was six months old, was found in a ditch, she was underweight, had a bowel infection and soon to be put down. When she was taken out of the pen she got in my lap and laid her head on my shoulder and I knew we needed each other. I named her Katie Jayne because she looked like a Katie and because my friend Jayne would laugh at having my dog named after her.

We bought the vet. a new Buick that year but Katie’s health improved and I have never owned a dog so devoted and loving. Katie appreciated and loved being owned and part of our family, From the moment I brough her home she never roamed away from her yard, I honestly doubt that stampeding stallions or the Marine Corp could have driven her away. She appreciated everything. I cannot begin to imagine that she was meant to be put down or live on the end of a chain when we loved and needed her sweet soul with us so much.

On November 25th, 2006, at age 16 we were forced to make the excruciating decision to have her put down. We were at her side. I don’t think my heart will ever heal and Rescuing Sprite confirmed to me Mark Levin understands the loss. Katie was my comfort when I was lonely. When life didn’t make sense, spending time with Katie gave me perspective and appreciation for the things that really mattered.

Someone once told me that dog lovers have one great dog love in their lives and for me this is true. I have to believe if there is a heaven, Katie is waiting for me.

Suzanne from WV