Hi Mark

I enjoyed reading your book about sprite.  It made me cry. I wish i had met him. I Think your story about Sprite is important because people will realize that older dogs are good to have, and they will adopt them more often because most people want to have puppies or younger dogs…

I was born in Israel I always loved dogs all my life. In America dogs are very fortune at least most of them . It is a friendly loving dog society here. I remember when I grew up in Jerusalem my mom one day called an Arab handyman to our house but he didn’t want to come in because of the dog.
He said there is a dog in the house and it is unpure.

I respect everybody religion and understand where they come from. Also the religious orthodox jews don’t have dogs either, at least in Israel, and I can understand why having 7 to 10 children or more who has time for a dog?
I think that we dog lovers are very fortune to know this love. It is pure and unconditional and we are lucky to have it in our hearts. I am lucky to have my 10 ys old Julie a terrier mix.

I thank Hashem, God, for her. I also have two boys and i think that altough you have chiidren and you love them the most you can still love your dog very much. You can’t help it you get so attached to them.
I WISH IT WAS NOT LIKE what my Rabbi say. My Rabbi in Israel said that dogs don’t go to heaven they don’t have “Neshama” only Humans has it. That makes me sad. I realize that once my dog dies that ‘s it and I will never see her again. The Rabbi also said that it is a sin to elevate dogs to a humans level.

According to Judaism the only Mitzva or good deed that we require and obligate toward animals is not to be cruel to them. That’s it. Having a dog or a cat is not a Mitzva and will not give you any “extra points ” when you die.
But if you are cruel to an animal you will be accounted for it and it will be held against you. A MITZVA or doing good deeds is only between people. Any good deeds you do to others is consider a mitzva and you will be rewarded
for it. Not so for animals. There are many bad people who own a dog and take good care of it but they still bad people.
I know in my heart that God will reward me for taking such good care of my dogs.