This is my little guy, his name is JR. I actually do not know how to describe how much he means to me. He was given to me by my ex-husband when he was only 6 weeks old.
He changed my life. I have chronic pain issues and was in a very deep depression before I got him. After I got him I started to move again and get up because I had to, to take care of him. He made me actually look forward to each day again.

He has been with me through the 3 most traumatic times in my life.
1. My divorce. Actually my ex gave him to me and then about 3 weeks later said he wanted a divorce because he couldn’t handle my pain issues.
2. He was my support when my mom and I were watching my Dad die of liver failure.
3. He was my support again while I was taking care of my Mom when she was dying of throat cancer.

It was really amazing how he knew when I was having a really hard time with things. He would always jump in my lap and start licking my face.

The last time I took him to the vet for his check up, the vet told me he heard a heart murmur. JR is eight years old now, and I felt my heart drop when he told me that. I don’t know how I will get through losing this little guy. He is the light of my life, and I know I will never find another one like him.
The vet thankfully said we just need to keep an eye on it. He shows no signs of any trouble and hopefully it will stay that way for many more years.

I have two other dogs, another Jack Russell and a Pit Bull we got from a rescue agency. I know everyone is down on Pits, but Delaney has gone through things in her young life that I will never know. She is afraid of everything and she wouldn’t hurt a fly. But I have to say JR is my baby. He loves water and will not stay out of it. We have a large pond in our back 3 acres and we let him out and right away he’s in the pond chasing the ducks. I have given him 4 baths in one day (the little stinker). We always take him on vacation with us. He’s had his little paws in Yellowstone Lake (YS Nat. Park), Jackson Lake (Tetons), St. Mary’s Lake (Glacier NP), Puget Sound, Lake Michigan, and of course our Pond. So here are some Pics.

Moira from IL