I have just finished your book about Sprite. It was sent to me because I am walking the same path you did with Sprite. I know by now you must have heard this so many times BUT trust me I have been weeping for days, nites and weeks. My friend sent it to me hoping it would help me as I walk journey with my Jessie-she a 15 year old yellow lab we adopted through PAWS when she was no longer wanted by the family babysitter! So by the grace of God we got this blessing at 9 weeks old and have been through so much with her-Trips to the Univ of PA Vet Hospital-Cornell Univ Vet hospital. Seven operations-both acl replaced-Addisons-9 pills a day and all the other little things that could go wrong in a loved ones life.

And in the end I wouldn’t have any other dog ever. She has saved me so many times from overwhelming family issues, been there through deaths, illness and all that life sends you. No one and nothing has ever comforted me the way my Jessie did. She needs a decision from us and I am not yet ready to give up, knowing we are indeed there. I read your book about the moment you get the look, have the feeling and will just know? Please help me help her, help me love her enough to say its all ok to go. I too have prayed the prayer you did….Lord PLEASE come and take her come softly, gentle and wrap her in your love and embrace her till I too can see her once again. But my Lord has not taken her and I continue to battle. I have slept with her on a mat for a year and a half as she slept with us and I will not end her life any other way. I could like all lovers of dogs go on and on and know there is not enough paper to write all I could about my love..I have no idea how people cannot see these creatures without falling in love with them all, they give so much more…the unconditional love, faith and comfort is beyond words.

Thank you for the words you put to paper as they will continue to help and assist us as we read it again and again. You have said what we all try to about our family members….Sprite will live on forever because of your faithfulness in writing this book….God Bless you, your family, Pepsi and Griffen…..hold on for as long as you can love them as I know you will for as long as you can…pray for me please and if possible remember my Jessie
Thank you for the comfort, tears and joy the book and Sprite brought to my life this week-in.

Dona from PA