Jessica and Jake

I had two dogs, Jessica and Jake, also nicknamed Sunny and Sparky. A counselor once told me at a very young age, you will never understand unconditional love in your life due to your past unless you get a pet/dog………..I thought about all the inconveniences of that but made the decision to get one any how. My first year with Jessica/Sunny was tough, we fought, argued and bickered continually at each other – she loved me no matter how hard I pushed her away. I then thought I will get her a friend to play with being I made a commitment and would never deviate from my word……….so along came Jake.

Being a single women with no children I made them my babies, after the smoke settled we had many years of good times and bad – mostly good but I was blessed with two “not so healthy” little dogs. They were medical nightmares year after year but we got through it.

I lost Jessica/Sunny 7 years ago and still feel the pain of missing her, we were born on the same day so we had a special connection.

My little guy Jake was 18 last November (07), we celebrated our 19th Christmas and New Years together until Jan 3rd “08” when I had to put him down.

A friend gave me your book for Christmas knowing how difficult this was going to be for me…..This little boy should never has seen 10 but after changing his diapers for 12 years and going to the vet every 3 weeks we made it to the age of 18 with no pain and a very happy little boy – I did, and would do anything for him. I believe he stayed around for me – I needed him more than he needed me.

I called him my little 401K due to the cost of his little life but I would never be so selfish to keep him beyond his time to go – he let me know.

What I’m trying to say is……….I loved your book and thank you for sharing, sometimes you feel like people think your nuts…….but were not, they ARE the angels. They love unconditionally while we have many conditions on your love.
Not sure if I can do it again but I do share the same respect you do for the people of the animal rescues…..and will continue to support them.

My Jakes photo attached……the man that broke my heart…all 6 lbs of him!


Shirley from MN