In memory of my buddy Jake

“baby jake” (my wife’s gave him this one)
“putzer” (family joke)
Jacob (only used when he was in trouble)

No man could have asked for a better dog. He truly was a gift from God for us. This is not the best picture of him but it shows one of my favorite things about him. No matter what project I was up to, he also had to be right there. Here he is helping me dig (which he was very good at!). He was also good at spreading nuts, bolts, tools, screws, etc.. all around the barn and yard for me.

He loved attention of any sort and offered much more in return. He had a special look that no other dog I have had or seen could give. His big brown eyes would somehow reach deep inside you as if to say ‘you are the most important thing to me’. He would take playing ball or snuggling over food and any kind.

I know that I will see him again someday. I mean, how could a loving God pour out qualities such as unconditional love, faithfulness and loyalty into something and not have it continue on? Believe me I’m not out there in left field but I think there is a reason God put only two people in the Garden and a lot more animals (same with the Ark).

Our family will truly miss Jake. He has blessed us for 10 years and 4 months, which was way to short. Up until three months ago he acted like a puppy and would run and run and run all day and still wouldn’t want to come in. His spirit was willing but his body gave into a cancerous tumor on his lungs. We had the vet put him put down at home with the family talking to him and petting him. We buried him on the 20 acres he so love to run on.


Robert from WI

P.S. Mark if you do read this, sorry but I have not been able to yet read you book. It came out the same time my Buddy Jake became sick. I’m hope in a couple of months I will be ready.