I just finished reading your book about Sprite. I was in tears as I read all your thoughts and feelings about losing Sprite. My husband and daughter suffered a similar loss when our beloved beagle, Jake, passed away on October 4, 2005. He had been figting a muscle tumoer and after 10 months of doing his best to survive, it just became unbearable for him.

We had to make that heart wrenching decision to let him go. It is a day that plays over and over in my mind all the time. I wasn’t ready to lose him. He was and always is with me. His love and faithfulness carried us through a devastating miscarriage, loss of my husband’s father and repeat illesses with my own father. Jake was always waiting for us, waiting to offer us his love by snuggling in next to us, licking the tears off our faces and listening to all we had to say. The conversations may have looked one-sided but I knew he understand everything I said to him. He knew when to comfort us and when to make us laugh as he often did when racing around the house or the yard. After his passing, the Vet sent us a wonderful card called “The Rainbow Bridge”.

Jeanne from NY