Jacob, Noah


I had a siamese kitten named Jacob. I lost him when he was less then a year old. He was sick from
day one because of bad breeding.We tried everything to save him but couldn’t.That as three years ago.I still haven’t gotten over it and for Christmas ,my husband got me another Siamese kitten. He also gave me your book in hopes that it would help me with my grieving and allow me to love another kitty. The new kitty named,Noah,hasn’t come home yet…we pick him up on Sunday.I just got finished reading about Sprite and I am glad to know someone else can understand what I went through. I think now I will be able to see Noah as his own self and not expect him to be Jacob.
I have a girlfriend that lost her dog of twelve years to cancer on Christmas Eve.I am going to write a paragraph dedicated to Jacob in that book and let her read it,then she can wite a little about Amy,her dog.I will keep it and offer it as comfort to anyone who shares our pain as a tribute to Sprite.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Heidi from NJ