“Indy” was a rescue pup, chosen by my son and brought home in spite of my desire to return to the shelter and exchange him for his brother whom I liked better. Little did I know what he would bring to our lives during his three too-short years on this earth. From the beginning he “sat” on the steps, his bottom and a rear paw on one step and the other 3 paws on a lower step. When you played with him he would “snarl” at you in a funny way all the while wagging his tail. And he had the softest ears and he had the look….you know….the look…the one that says “I understand” “I love you” “you’re the best”.


This past August he got tangled up with my other dog, Moriah, on the sky lead. She was a lot heavier than Indy (she’s an 85 lb. Black Lab and he was a 50 lb. Collie/Shep) and he got twisted up and we think he panicked which either broke his neck or strangled him. Finding him that way was the worst thing I have ever known. I miss him every day and hope he is a kindred spirit that I will meet again. I found this poem that really touched my heart and thought I would share it with you.

“It’s only a dog” is what everyone said, as sobbing beside him, I stroked his still head. Only a dog with his own special charm, so cute when he rested his chin on my arm.

He was only a dog that would lie at my feet, went to bed with the children, guarded their sleep. He came at a whistle, his tail waving high, no emotion but love ever clouded his eye.

Only a dog, that was easy to see. He wasn’t a purebred, had no pedigree. I buried him out by a tree near the wood. Regained my composure, as best that I could.

Without even thinking once I reached the gate, I turn and I whistled, then caught my mistake. My whistle unanswered, no welcoming bark, the silence was roaring, and tore me apart.

Only a dog? He was only my heart!!


Cindy from OH