Identifying With Kendall

I just finished reading your beautiful book about Sprite. I identify with Kendall, although I am not nearly the angel she is. Our older dog died of cancer, and I told my husband, no more dogs for a while. I hoped that we could do without the yard cleanup duty, the vet bills, and the heartache of loss. But my husband is a dog lover and wanted a dog. So we went to the shelter and adopted two females, siblings, who are part black lab and part weimerauner. They had both been abused or neglected.

After reading your book, I realize that I should be grateful for these dogs for many reasons. The thing I admire about Kendall is that she wasn’t too excited to get a dog. However, she knew that you and your kids wantd a dog, so she put her desires aside, as a sacrificial parent should do. She helped the kids locate a dog and she tenaciously pursued the dog.

Congratulations to you and your kids for having such a marvelous wife and mother. Congratulations to Kendall for being what I hope to be someday.

Susan from WY