Harley, Nugget

I am nearly finished with your book, Rescuing Sprite, and I wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I have never watched any of my dogs be put down or grow old because unfortunately they were all escape artists. My beloved friend now, Harley, is about a year old. He is my angel baby! I can’t imagine losing him. My mom found him in the middle of a crossroad when driving home and convinced my step dad to keep him. I was absolutely thrilled! The last dog I had before Harley was Nugget almost 6 years ago. He’s a mix between Brittany, Pointer, French Spaniel, and Border Collie. He’s very shy when meeting new people, but adores me. He follows me all around the house where ever I go. I can even have outside in the front yard with me.

As I write this, I can hear him snoring away in his stupid little green dog shirt that reads, “Go Fetch Yourself!” He has brought us so much joy and has helped me with any stress. I am so glad you wrote this book. Without it, I would not know what to do. Thank you so much! Dogs are truly mans’ best friend.

Ani from TX