Gidgy, Trixie, Moxie

I just spent a “snow day” afternoon from school reading your heartfelt story about Sprite. I must tell you, you moved me to sobbing and teary eyes many times throughout. I felt your pain, especially at the end.


My husband and I have had several dogs in our 30plus years of marriage, and we’ve had to put down 2 of them after 13 and 15 years respectfully. It is a truly terrible decision, but one that we make because we don’t want our precious pets to be suffering. We had a poodle and trying to explain “Why aren’t we going to wait for Gidgy to wake up?” to a 3 or 4 year old child is unbearable. Then explain it to a 17 year old son, who is just about to lose his precious Trixie, a sheltie, after 15 years of loyal companionship. It’s nearly impossible, but we’ve done it, too. LIfe will go on and the sun will come up tomorrow, but it is an inexplainable pain.


We still have 3 dogs, a 5 year old cocker spaniel, a 4 year old Boston Terrier, and her 1 and a half year old Moxie! So we still have love in our hearts to go around to these beauties! We also know another day and another awful decision will come our way, but we still choose to have the dogs! They bring so much joy, and unconditional love, how can we not find more room in our hearts for them! Just wanted you to know how your story will help you heal from this broken heart. Thanks,


Glenda from ME