I just finished your book. I got it as a xmas present. I had to let my little geddy go on 10/05/07. He was a long haired dachshund. He had became paralyzed for the third time. His first surgery lasted 4 years. There were some rough times but he could walk. The second surgery only lasted 6 months before he couldn’t walk again. I couldn’t bear to put him through another surgery, but I also didn’t want to let him go. He was only nine years old, but his back was a mess. He had bone disease from front to back. I had bought him for my wife in 1999. We split up in 2001 and she told me I could have him because she knew how close I was to him.


Ever since the day my wife left, it was just me and geddy alone until I had to let him go. I had family, but it was just me and him in the house. I liked it just being me and him and I never felt lonely. When i went to work, I would drop him off at the “babysitter’s” house and pay her monthly. The only time he was not with me was when I was at work. I enjoyed your book even though it brought back the memory of the day I let him go and made me cry all over again. His ashes are still in the box I received from the humane society and it sits in his bed like he always did. Thanks for writing the book and reading my story.


Rick from FL