Fudgie, Missy

Dear Mark,

Happy New Year! I just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite” and it brought back so many emotions. In May 2004 my family had to put out Chocolate Lab Fudgie to sleep. He was a great friend and spent almost 14 years with us.

When I was 19 years old my parents divorced and my house was often chaotic. Despite it all Fudgie was there with simple reassurances. I remember coming home late many nights hoping all was quiet, and he was always there to greet me. I remember sitting on the floor with him, hugging him, and he never moved. He sat with me sensing that I needed a friend.
As I look back on those chaotic years I always worry that we didn’t pay Fudgie enough attention. We were all so wrapped up in what was going on I know he sometimes got pushed to the side. I still pray he knew how loved he was, and I have been reassured by family and friends that he did.

Like you, when Fudgie died I swore it would take time, even years before I could welcome another dog. I thought that would need to be put off until I had my own kids, but that wasn’t to be. Two years ago on my brother’s 16th birthday my Mom’s fiance brought us our new dog, Missy. She is a pit bull terrier, and despite the stereotype one of the most loving animals I have ever met! When Missy came to live with us I swore she was “their dog” I couldn’t let her be my dog so soon after Fudgie’s passing. I felt like I was betraying him. Then one night I had a dream. Fudgie came running into the room wagging his tail like he had done for so many years. And behind him was Missy. I knew it was him presenting her to me, telling me it was okay to accept her! And now despite spending less time in my family home, and more time in what will become my new apartment when my fiance and I get married next November, Missy has become “Our Dog.”

I pay special attention to her whenever I can, so I never have to wonder years from now if she knew she was loved! Like Fudgie she is a good friend and I am thrilled that she is part of the family.

Thank you for the book Mark! It means a lot to all of us who have been on that same emotional roller coaster!

John from NY