Freeway, Baxter, Little Kitty

Thank you for your book.

I started it Thur night but knew I would not put it down unitil it was done. So saved until today so I could read it in it’s entirety.

I started reading at 6:30 am and read it non – stop. I will tomorrow give it to a co-worker who if he doesn’t have to re-read the last 20 pages or so because of tears, he isn’ t human.

Thank you Mark. It was a wonderful book.

I have 3 stories that equate to yours and believe me I know what you went through or are still going through.

I still look out my kitchen window every day and see the gladiola plant that thrives where I buried Freeway’s ashes 8 years ago.(Much like you look out and see the tree where Sprite ‘s are buried.)
Today I have two t new children. Baxter who is a 25 lb cat and Little Kitty (8lbs) both from the Animal Shelter.

I again thank you for your book.
I live in an area where your progam has been moved to midnight. I used to listen to you from 3:00- to 5:00. What happened? I called the local station and they told me they had moved you to midnight.. I regestered a complaint.
PLease come back to my listening area at a reasonable time.

Barbara from ID