For the Love of Pets

I loved your book. My husband bought it for me for my birthday. I read the book jacket and started crying. I got mad at my husband for buying it for me. After having it sit on the end table for over a month, I picked it up last night and finished it this morning. I cried and cried.


I have owned 3 dogs and 3 cats since I married. All were strays or from a shelter. I had to put 2 down, I couldn’t stay in the room with them when they were put down. I could barely see through a blurrey vision of tears to get out the door. I knew I was doing the right thing, they were very sick, and old. I couldn’t believe that I was actually taking a life that I loved so much. I have a huge problem with people who get animals and don’t take care of them, or flat out abuse them. God put them here for us to love and for them to love us.


God Bless you Mr. Levin and may God Bless Sprite and his spirit.


Sherry from WA