Domino, Abby

I am an animal lover. I am on my 2nd cat in almost 4 years. I love dogs also but my living situation would not be great for a dog. I am an adamant promoter of adopting homeless animals. I believe they know that they have been rescued an appreciate all we do for them.

I adopted a beautiful cat back in 2003 after my father died. I just felt I needed something alive to respond to me when I’m at home. I knew he had a heart condition which, at the time, I didn’t realize how serious it was. I too used Old Mill Vet Hospital and they are terrific there. I used the boarding facilities also which are great. The cardiologist wanted Domino to have medications but Domino grew to distrust me as a result so I decided that quality was more important than the quantity of his life. He was happy and didn’t appear to be stressed by his condition and the medicines weren’t going to change the outcome, even the least bit, so I stopped them. It broke my heart for him to not trust me but that quickly changed and he knew that I was listening to him. He was with me when he died, only 3 days before Christmas in 2004. I will never forget that day it was so devastating for me but he never suffered. I still miss him and shed tears for him on a regular basis. He was so grateful for his home with me and it was a priviledge for me to provide that home. I would do it again in a heartbeat he was so awesome.

Now I have Abby and I’ve had her for 2 years. She was abused and mistreated which makes me so sad. How people can be so cruel to another living creature but she is gradually coming out of her shell and a lot less anxious. I love her!! I believe God places these loving souls exactly where they need to be so that they can help us as well as we help them. I loved your book about Sprite, I just finished it. I used to think I was over reacting and being silly but we can’t help the way we feel and time does heal, we shouldn’t rush it.

Debbi from VA