Diamond, Angel, Emma Jean

After hearing about your book on the radio, I told my family your book was my number one request for Christmas. I finished reading it and had to email you. My husband recently retired from the Navy so we have finally settled down. We’ve rescued some of the best dogs we have ever had. Just this year, we drove out of state and rescued a female pug that had been turned over to a shelter from a puppy mill. We were told she was six years old. “Diamond” only had 4 back teeth, weighed 11 pounds and looked sad. We were told when the vet went to clean her teeth they were falling out. I can only imagine what happened to her before we brought her home.

As the days went by, I continued to check the website for the shelter where we rescued Diamond. (There were 6 pugs turned over to this shelter.) Each day I thought there was no reason why we couldn’t give one more a wonderful home. I finally convinced my husband. I took off work early and we headed out of state again. I tried calling the shelter and could not get an answer. We arrived in the town and I still had not been able to reach the shelter by phone. We stopped at a gas station and my cell phone rang. It was the shelter. The lady that runs the shelter had been running errands that morning. She was there, Clover was available and yes, I could come see her. She had been returned from her first adopting home because the people said their other dog was jealous of Clover. We took Clover home. She was so scared. We changed her name to Angel. I told myself if God wanted her to be with me it would all work out and it did. Angel has a bald spot on her back from where she was tied to be bred. She also had quite the breath and one eye was damaged. We immediately took her to our vet. She had to have some teeth pulled and they were going to try to do an eye tuck. After hours in surgery the vet said they could not save her eye. She is such a trooper.

In the meantime my daughter had emailed the Memphis Pug Rescue to see if we could be a foster home. It just so happened that a pug had been abandoned by the owner who said they could not take care of her anymore. We met with them and are now fostering Emma Jean (7 years old). She appears older but that could be because of her health. She is a diabetic. She has to have special prescription food and insulin twice a day. She has trouble walking and is blind. I can’t explain it but I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. Thank you so much for writing the book.

Beverly from TN