Mr. Levin,

I bought your book as a Christmas gift for for my husband and both of us have already read it. Thank you for so openly and honestly sharing your story with those of us who also love dogs and have loved and continue to love “particular” dogs. A particular dog in my life was a big, sweet, clownish Rottweiler named Dempsey. We also had to make that terrible decision to have him euthanized when his body was no longer able to support his great heart and spirit.

I think of him often, sometimes with a knife-like feeling of pain, but mostly with gratitude for all the joy and happy memories that remain. I believe that those of us who love dogs have a space in our hearts that can only be filled by a dog’s love. This makes us able to willingly emrace and re-imbrace the ultimate grief for the many joys and fulfillment that we gain in our relstionships with our beloved companions. The new dog cannot replace our previous pet, but it creates its own unique space in our hearts. That space in my heart is currently being occupied by ten year old Gunnar and two year old Tequila and Sammy. God grant that they, and yours, have many happy, healthy years to come.

Claudia from WV