I received Rescuing Sprite for christmas from who else but my dog Grace. (grandma bought it of course).

It was just the most wonderful book.

I to lost my best friend a year and a half ago, Dallas, he was my constant companion, my baggage carrier and the most wonderful boy in the whole world.

He love other dogs, loved my nephews and tolerated my two cats.

I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old and he was a very naughty puppy. I was blessed to have 8 wonderful years with him before he became sick.

He woke up one morning and could not walk, after many tests, mri’s and a week in the animal hospital it was determined he had a spinal stroke, the doctor at the hospital told me he would recover. ( I will never take another animal back there)

So I brought him home. He proceeded to go downhill from there. It was a rainy thursday night and he was crying in pain. I called the animal hospital who informed me there was nothing I could do for him.

I then placed a call to his vet at home no less (he is just the most wonderful man) and he asked me what medication I had for him. I told him valium and he informed me to give him about 5 or 6 to help him sleep through the night and 5 more in the morning to help his pain.

That call was the most heart breaking call I have ever made because the next morning I would be losing my best friend.

I layed on the floor with him for a while just looking at him, smelling him and talking to him.

When morning came we put dallas in my car and drove to the vet’s office. I layed him in my back seat and played my eagles CD which we always listened to in the car. We arrived at the office, my sister stayed with dallas in the car and I went in to let them know we were there.

I returned outside and at that moment another woman pulled up with her dog who proceeded to run over to my car, well dallas just layed there wagging his tail like crazy, he loved other dogs and I was so gratful to that dog for coming over to see him.

He passed away about 10 minutes later in my back seat. I have to say I have lost family members and have been sad, but nothing prepared me for the anguish I felt when Dallas left me. I kept his dog bed out for the longest time and would get down and bury my face in it just to remember his smell.

I still miss him to this day.

I adopted Grace from a shelter and she has brought me so much comfort and love.

No one will ever replace Dallas but I know he is looking down and smiling happy that I have given another dog a wonderful home.


Lisa from NJ