We were the 2 happy people
own by a yorkie named “Crickett” she was the most loving dog in the world. She was our world she traveled with us from the day we were priviledge to have her come into our lives.

A lady in ohio raised them and sold them she gave her to us..Crickett was was suppose to have a diet of rice/brocoli i and eggs. She refused to eat it. We were so concerned she would not eat. We happened to stop and gt some chicken nuggets and then she came alive..We fed her a chicken/leg or thigh every day of her 14 1/2 yrs. At the time of the
day it was for her to eat she would come and bark if my purse was on the floor she would go jump on it and tell me its time for her chicken..

Mark if only I could express to you how glad to know there is another human out there that knows the pain of letting your “baby” go just like you the night before that dreadful visit..I prayed for God to take her..She is in our back yard wrapped in her blankie.. have to tell you this we would sneak her in the motel room with her blankie over her and she would be still and in the room never make a peep. It was a game ..

So smart we live away from all our children & g’children and she just filled
up our days. I still miss her she has been gone 2 yrs.& 4mos..
This is to you”Crickett”
Where you are all without pain and running & jumpimg again…


Faye from OH