Hi, Mark. My daughter gave me a copy of Rescuing Sprite for Christmas, and I just finished it…I couldn’t put it down. She knows what a dog lover her Mom is, and correctly guessed that I would love the book.

I wanted to thank you for writing about what all of us have felt when we have lost a 4-footed family member. You gave your all for Sprite and I am sure that he knew that. Do we readers think you are nuts for writing a book like this? NO WAY! We, too, have felt the love of a faithful dog and the misery of losing him or her. Loving your dog with your full heart means somtimes making choices that are so hard for you, but the right thing for your best friend. Your decision for Sprite was the ultimate act of love, and he knew that. My heart goes out to you and your family for your great loss.

I, too, have suffered the loss of special pets, and the hardest thing of all is trying to explain to others just why you are so distraught. Unless they are animal lovers, too, they just don’t get it. You have lost a family member, your best friend and mentor…it take a long time to get over that (actually, I don’t think you ever do).

Your book was just incredible, and I wish I had been privileged to know Sprite. I loved all the photos in the book, especially the cover shot…what a cutie!!! I hope he is running around like crazy up in heaven, and that he has met my late dogs and has enjoyed a good biscuit with them!!! I still miss mine like crazy, too. Having my wonderful Collie Ciara here with me now just makes my day…I love her to pieces and enjoy all her special unique traits and expressions. Although I did not think that another dog could fill my heart after losing the others, she has more than done that triplefold. I think that bringing Griffen into your life was the right thing to do!

Thanks again for sharing this great memoir with us. As well as helping you deal with your grief, it has given those of us who have been through this journey a wonderful book to cherish. Give Pepsi and Griffen a pat on the head & a hug from me, and thanks for sharing Sprite with me! :-)

Anne from NY