Chewy, Tucker, Oreo, Jake

We lost our beloved English Springer Spaniel, Chewy, on the evening of December 31 (2 nights ago). Chewy was brought home as a puppy in May of 2005 along w/ Tucker, his brother who is mine (Chewy is really my Mom & Step-dad’s but we view them all as ours). I never dreamed that Chewy and Tucker would never grow old together, that one of them would be taken w/o so much as a good-bye. Chewy and two other dogs, Ladybug & Mia, were able to dig out of the backyard that evening. The neighbors were able to catch Ladybug & Mia, but our Chewy was just too scared. We all searched up and down the roads, knowing Chewy would never go too far, but the darkness from night kept us from seeing him.


When my step-brother, Levi, was making another trip back up the busy street my parents live off of, he saw Chewy lying in the middle of the road and a 20 ft. blood trail. None of us wanted to believe it and no matter how much we cried and begged for it not to be, then yelled and screamed at the Heavens for it not to be, it was and now we are left to deal with this tragedy which is not the first for our family. In August & September 2002 we also lost our beloved cat, Oreo, our beloved dog, Jake (who very much so looks like your Sprite) and my Grandfather (My Mom’s Dad). Time has helped us to heal through those times but we have never forgotten them.


And now, just days after finishing your book (both my Mom & I as we recieved your book for Christmas), we have lost our beloved Chewy and find it just as hard as the others but just a bit more due to Chewy’s young age. All of our hearts are broken and I feel some sense of guilt (yet I hold him closer and love him even more) that I still have my Tucker. I don’t know how to him around my Mom & Tim or say his name without him being a constant reminder of Chewy and their brotherly bond. Any and all prayers would be welcomed as I pray for you and all those in this world of animal lovers for your beloved companions.

With Love,


Christine from TX