Chester, Newton, Lilly

Mark & Family,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story about Rescuing Sprite and Pepsi.
I finished reading your book late last night; my Dad sent me your book for my birthday.

I read the whole book in one night. I sobbed, smiled, and sobbed some more. Your book touches my heart, as I have been where you were with Sprite, with several of my dogs, and one cat. It is not easy having to make such a decision to end your best friend’s life. And why oh, why they just do not go on their own-just pass on to the rainbow bridge without us having to nudge them along is something I will have such a hard time with for the rest of my life! I am with you completely when you said in your book, “to end his life, and to know you-are ending his life, this day, this hour and here at this place”. It is the hardest emotional roller coaster to have to endure!!!!

I still have our Chloe’ Cat’s and our Gonzo Girl-dog’s ashes in cedar boxes on my desk her at our house. There is never a day that passes, I do not think of them. They are here with me in spirit. Along with my mother, too.
They are my Angels.

Thank you again, for sharing your story with me & the rest of the world!

I have rescued all the dogs you see here in this picture.
The Collie/Golden Mix, I found on the road one very cold night 4 years ago, no tags, really in bad shape. No one claimed him, so my husband and I adopted him in to our home. Later, we found out the people that had him previously, put him out for “someone else to take care of”. The best thing that ever happen to us! He is an Angel-Chester is his name!!! The blonde-Black Mouth Cur-Newton came from the pound in Dallas, Texas-then Companion Animal Network adopted him out to us. He is very, very smart and loving! He sings “Happy Birthday” to everyone that will listen! The Great Dane-Lilly- was adopted from The North Texas Great Dane Rescue. She had been in and out of the Dallas Shelter numerous times before Great Dane Rescue saved her life.
As you see, we have our hands full of 3 blessings!

Each one we love so very much! They have enriched our lives ten fold. And in return, they have a loving forever home!
Peace, love and light to you and your family upon our New Year!
May each of you have good health, and much happiness, enjoying your days with Pepsi and Griffen.

Heather, Larry, Chester, Newton & Lilly C. from TX