Dear Mark

I did not know who you were until I randomly picked up your book last week in the supermarket. When I returned home I Googled your name. I also looked at YouTube and viewed you on Sean Hannity’s Fox show I saw that unshakable grief on your face and in your eyes. I felt everything you were saying because I feel the same about my dog, Charlemagne.


Charlemagne had to be euthanized on January 5, 2007 after a lengthy illness. It took it’s toll on the both of us. He came from a pet store who buys from puppy mills therefore he had the odds stacked against him from the start. I too wanted to give up, got clinically depressed and withdrawn. Somehow I found the strength to start fighting puppy mills and now there is a bill in the New York State Legislature that I helped write and push.


Charlemagne made me a better person and I could never express the sorrow I feel from losing him. Especially when I had to make the decision. The morning of, as the sun was rising, I had begged and pleaded with God as well. As he lay dying I felt like I was dying too. I know you know that feeling. And when the vet told me he was gone part of me left this world too. But I live now to educate the public about truly being humane to animals. I am starting my book this week. Thank you for your inspiration.

Yours truly,


Lorianne from NY