Happy New Year, Mark! I just recently discovered your radio program and through listening became interested in your book, which my wife got me for Christmas.

Having grown up with dogs since I was old enough to carry our first Beagle puppy, I know first hand, as you do, the special place that our dogs occupy in our lives.

Your wonderful book was hard to read because it took me back to the days that I lost each of my childhood friends, members of my family. Although years have passed, the emotion in your book brought me to tears.

It was hard to read and to admit the reality of my current dog one day being taken from me. Her name is Catie, a Black and Tan Coonhound that my wife Sarah and I rescued a little over two years ago. She’s now almost 4 years old and is my first dog since leaving my parents’ home for college.

I love Catie with all of my heart and would, without question, give my life for hers. No value can be placed on the joy she brings to my life.

No matter how rough the day, Catie is always waiting in the window when I arrive home, anxious for our afternoon walk. I can’t help but smile as Catie rushes from bush to bush taking in all of the new smells that have accumulated since our morning walk.

I could write volumes on such things but they would all be things that dog owners, pet owners, would already understand.

Let me just close by saying that your book was a great thing and what you felt is something that we all feel when our best friends are taken from us. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for a great show. I enjoy it on the ride home each afternoon (although not quite as much as my walks with my dog!).

Here’s Catie with my mother-in-law, Robin.

Ethan from OR