Buster the bassett hound

I just finished reading your book about your beloved Sprite, and I felt compelled to send you a note.
I’m so glad that you told this story–I will tell you that I sobbed through many of the pages. But Sprites story needed to be told.

It has been 5 years since we had to put to sleep, Buster the bassett hound. My husband and I got him as a puppy when we first got married. He was my baby–I never loved an animal this much before. He followed me everywhere-from room to room. I “tucked” him in everynight-(he slept in our room on a fluffy dog bed)-I always would hold his face in my hands and tell him how much I loved him and kiss his face goodnight. These things may sound mundane to some-but I know you can appreciate these special moments.

Buster became ill right after Christmas one year. After several visits to the vet-and a misdiagnosis-I finally took him to a different vet to get another opinion. By this time, Buster had been bleeding internally-he had lost too much blood-even the specialist could not help him. It was the most agonizing day of my life to let him go. I still have guilt that I could have done more, sooner for him.


Robin from SC