My husband gave me a copy of your book for Christmas… We share your loss. We had Buddy 11 years after we found him in the shelter at 4 years old. The “Farm Poodle” was full of energy and life right up to the end when a growth in his throat and cancer in his jaw bone kept him from eating and drinking. We all suffered until we discovered what was wrong. There were no solutions but to end his suffering. It is mighty tough to lose a parent but even worse to lose a companion that demonstrates daily unconditional love. Oh, what a great example they set for each of us.!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Arline from ID

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  1. Cathy Strickland Says:

    Dear Mark:

    I love your book. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I loved reading about your beautiful dogs and your beautiful family.

    Cathy Strickland
    Wichita, Kansas