Hi, Ten years ago I moved from New Jerwey to a 200 acre farm in Pa. It was culture shock to say the least! I used to visit a local shelter and hand out bisquits, until one day i was haunted. There was a Lab/Sharpei mix balck puppy with the saddest eyes. My husband said if I ever came home with a dog, we could both live out on the lawn under a tent. No dogs in HIS house! Well, I sneakily put my name down as there was another couple interested in this puppy, but I got her! She was beautiful! She won over my man, and we were allowed to live in the big house after all.


One day, Rick had gone away for the weekend, and these trucks pull into the driveway. Men come out with rifles and shotguns slung over their shoulders. I was scared s***less. They told me that their stupid nephew missed his chance on a buck earlier, and wanted to know if they could let the kid shoot a buck that was wandering around our apple trees. Rick had always told me never to say no to a local, because they think they own every acre an “outsider” paid taxes on. So I said yes, and they went to park their trucks. I had not trained Bucca to do much else other than to sit for her treats, but I looked at her and asked her to “speak” With that, she looked out at the field, and began barking! The deer heard her and ran away, and the stupid nephew never got his buck for the season. I don’t know if she saw the panic in my eyes ( I did not want to deal with these guys dragging out a buck and making a mess of things with Rick gone) but it was as if she read my mind and actd on cue.

She passed away on Nov. 19th (in Rick’s arms) and there are so many stories like everyone else has who has ever loved an animal.. Thank you for letting me share!


Rita from TN