Mark, listen all the time,but first time to write.
Yesterday morning we had to put our cat BUBBA down he was about 17yrs.

We rescued him from a bad place 10yrs.ago. He was the sweetest cat and the most lovable buddy i could ask for.
He liked to take his paws and pat my face so softly and when you held him he would flex his paws like needing biskit dough.
Well he came down with a cancer tumor on his upper lip and it just started to take him away a little each day till we had to stop his suffering.

But mark now mine haS STARTED 48 hrs. later i’m still in tears and my heart is broke into.
please tell me this will get better.

My wife just finished your book i bought her and she love it and said it help her to prepare, I wish I would have read it in time too. 60yrs old and this pain like i never felt before and hope never to again.
I know I will but I hope GOD gives me more back bone first.

Thanks for being there,

Earl from TX