I just finished your book, Rescuing Sprite. I was moved to tears, sobbing many times. It touched so close to home for me.
I recently (Aug. 16, 2007) had to make the dreadful decision to have my Yorkshire Terrior of 13 yrs.(Brittney) put to sleep. I had to go through many of the same agonizing decisions leading up to “the day.” It has been, to this day, the worst thing I have ever had to do.

Just like you, I questioned myself as to if there was anything else I could have done for her. Sometimes I feel as though I have let her down. I couldn’t help her when she needed me most. I feel the guilt of all the times she was there for me when I was sick or hurting, and in her major time of need, there wasn’t anything I could do for her. She loved me unconditionally…no matter of my many moods (good or bad) or how I looked on any given day. She never judged me.

I thank you so much for writing this book. It has reassured in me that I am not alone and that others (many others) are grieving just the same. I now know I am not alone in feeling what I’m feeling. Our pets are so much a part of our families, they are our children.

I miss my Brittney daily, I have her buried in my side yard and go out and talk to her often. She will forever be a part of me and who I am today. She taught me love, compassion and forgiveness.

Someday I hope I will be brave enough to bring another pet into our home. I miss the sound of tags jingling, and the patter of paws in my kitchen, I even miss the tiny little nose prints on my patio door. But right now the pain is just too fresh. I can’t imagine having to have to go through this pain again.

I am so sorry for your loss of Sprite and thank you so much for sharing him with us (your readers). I will treasure this book always. It will hold a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf.

Sherry from IN