Dear Mark,
It is January 1, 2008 and I just finished reading my Christmas present from my
husband entitled Rescuing Sprite. Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences.

It will be the two year anniversary this March of the passing our then 16 ½ year old
beloved Jack Russell Terrier named Brenna. Brenna grew up with our two daughters, Erin, now 26 yrs old and Kacie, 22 yrs old. The joy and companionship she brought to our family was beyond belief and like you having to make the decision to send her to doggy heaven extremely difficult. She had been failing for a long time and we even prolonged it further in order to get my two daughters home one weekend (one from school at Temple and the other from another part of NJ) to help us celebrate her life.

My older daughter Erin who is a Vet Tech in Montclair and Verona and is well educated in
these matters told us, “mom and dad, you’ve made the right decision, it’s time to let go, she deserves to rest.” So, for two days we all reminisced, pampered, hugged, took photos, looked at old photos, spoiled her with food treats and cried. Yes, it was sad but we are happy we made the time to spend all together to help celebrate our best friend and
family member’s life together. Brenna, we love you and still miss you. Love, Mom

Maureen from NJ