Bob, Charlie

My Mom’s New Best Friend(s)

I live in Las Vegas, and my mother lives 2500 miles from me. A few years back, Mom lost her best friend, a golden retriever named, Bob. She did not put him down, but lay down by his side for a few days at home, until he passed away. I don’t think my mother ate or drank very much during this time, and she took Bob’s death extremely hard. We were worried about her, because she was extremely depressed over the loss, as you were. He really was her best friend. Some thought she was overreacting, but because I lost my son to Leukemia at age 11, I understand the depth of her grief, because that is exactly what she was experiencing. It takes time before the pain lessens, but it never completely leaves. My son died in 1991, and would be a grown man of 27 now, had he lived. I think of him every day, and do not enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas season too much.

After a bit of time had passed, she visited a shelter, and encountered Charlie, another golden retriever. Instantly, she knew that Charlie would be going home with her. Charlie was about two years old, and had spent much of his life alone, cooped up in a small apartment. As a result, he had some temperament issues, including anxiety, and he would go berserk whenever another dog was encountered during walks. My mother is a tiny woman, and Charlie is a big, excitable dog. For a long time, she would anticipate trouble, and go to the other side of the street, or head back in the opposite direction whenever she saw another dog.

My mother lives in a small house in Harvey Cedars, NJ, on the seashore, year-round. So Charlie enjoys twice-daily walks, even on the beach (during the off-season). With her love and patience, Charlie has become a calmer, more sociable dog. He has even made other canine friends. With Charlie around, I don’t worry as much about my mom as I once did.

Another reason I don’t have to worry so much about Mom is her friend, Wendy Mae Chambers. I know that my own name is Wendy, and I don’t want to confuse things. I will refer to Mom’s friend as “Wendy Mae.”

Wendy Mae is an extremely talented musician, and both composes and performs music for TOY PIANO. Apparently, Wendy Mae also has another talent: painting.

Each Christmas, Wendy Mae paints a portrait from a photograph, in the form of an “icon” complete with halo, and has it printed on her annual Christmas Card!

This Christmas, the icons are none other than Mom and Charley! Wendy Mae was kind enough to e-mail me the images I’ve attached: the photo of Mom and Charley, and a photo of her yearly Christmas painting. Mom and Charley look nice with their halos, don’t you think?

Wendy Mae does more for Mom than she realizes. She is much younger; young enough to be her daughter. All summer they swam in the ocean every day together. They traipse around to art museums, Broadway shows, and the like.

I feel so happy that Mom is not just sitting home after she retired, and is enjoying life, thanks to Charley and Wendy Mae.

Wendy from NV


wendy mae