Blessed To Have Dogs

I have read your book and it was great. I have not lost my dog, but your book made me appreciate and love my dog even more – something I did not think was possible.

After reading your book – something dawned on me and I wanted to share those thoughts with you.

Soemtimes we are caught in the net of destiny – totally unaware of it at the time. I believe that was what happened to you.

You and your family adopted a dog named Sprite – gave him a really good home – loved him with great intensity – saved him from untold dreadful experiences.

It was a tragedy that you lost Sprite, but perhaps it happened for reasons that could not be foreseen. It was your deeply devoted love for Sprite that caused you to share you experiences through a book. This book has touched many thousands of people deep within their souls – giving them a way to grieve for their own loss – something they may not have been able to do without your book.

It is truly unfortunate that Sprite had to leave, but the legacy he has left behind is truly amazing. His name will be remembered by all the people you have touched through your book – a book that would not exist if you – in your position and popular public figure had not been there to write it. Every time I look at my dog – I think of Sprite and what a great dog he was – how truly blessed you were to have spent time with him – how blessed I am to have a dog of my own to love and cherish.

I believe that Sprite fulfilled his destiny and did so with your help. He has helped so many with their grief. What greater destiny could any one of us even hope for.

God bless you and your family.

peace – love – happiness

Phil from TX