Bless you, Mark Levin

Hi Mark!


I sat and read Sprite today. I not only fell in love with your dogs but their family too! I consider you a good friend. I put off the reading of it because my dog wasn’t well and I didn’t want to open the flood gates. You are a wonderful writer…you kept my attention all the way through…and if I weren’t an animal lover when I picked up your book, I would have been when I finished. Thank you for a heart changing book and sharing your Sprite, Pepsi and heart. God bless you Mark Levin, your are one of my favorite people.

Did you know the crepe mytle is from Israel…and it is mentioned in the Scriptures in descriptions of the Holy Land and even heaven. Thought that might interest you. HE created animals and HE doesn’t throw them away…Sprite’s little soul is in heaven.

And I know you prayed for him to die in his sleep but I think what you described as his last day was loving and a heartfelt tenderfilled, albeit, heart wrenching glimpse into the sanctitiy of ALL life…four footed as well as two footed. You have shown millions how to do what they must someday do for their pets, you have shown them how to do it with dignity.
That is a godly and spiritual thing to do.

Bless you and your loved ones.

Psalm: 145:9
Provers:12:10 He loves you and I do too!


Ruth from NY