Best Wishes

Dear Mark-


This year I asked my husband not to spend any money on me for Christmas presents- the family being together and our love is more than enough. Besides we have added expenses with two daughters in college. However, he never listens so on Christmas morning he presented a big box to me which I could not even guess what it might hold. Upon opening I found three books-the first one on top Rescuing Sprite. I was overjoyed, for I heard your interview with Sean Hannity while out running errands one day on the car radio. I yelled to my husband “how do you know about this book” he said he listens to you nights when driving home late from work and heard your passion about Sprite and knew he had to get the book for me. I started reading late Christmas night and just today got to pick it up again to finish-now that the holiday company is mostly gone. Of course, I had to put it down several times towards the end to catch my breath and stop the tears. I always wondered how some humans have this incredible love for animals that it hurts, while other civilized humans can abuse, even kill dogs that wander in their yards! I can only describe it as having holes in your heart that require the animals love to fill. When you first see or hear about the animal the hole starts forming and only gets bigger over time.


Our family has three dogs- a terrier mix, lab and two legged chihuahua and four cats that live on four acres. I feel we have been blessed -like you and your family and so many others with the best, biggest holes a heart can have. Mr. Levin your book will be a true gift to many. I have read many dog stories-but none could put the feelings into prose like yours. By the way, I have never felt compelled to write a letter or e-mail about an issue until I read your story. All the adjectives I can use have already been expressed. Keep sharing the gifts God has blessed you with. Let Pepsi, Sprite, Griffen and many more to come continue nourishing your being-it is what makes you one of the best humans on the Earth.


Geraldine from CA