Mark, I so much enjoyed your new book. ” Rescuting Sprite”

I know writing the book brought moments of joy, but I also know it brought moments of sorrow. I can think back to the time I had a St. Bernard and how much fun we had togather. I remember one night I came home from work and found Berne laying in the frount yard. I called to him but he just lay there. This concern me because he normally was all over me. As I approuched he stared wimpering and looked at me saying something was wrong. I then notice the blood all over him. I rushed him to the vet hoping I was not to late. The vet looked at him and said there was nothing to do for him. I was told to keep an eye on him, if he could still go the bathroom he may be ok. I took him home and made him as comfortly as I could. I was up to check on him about every hour. He seemed to be resting comfortly. This went on for about two days and on the third day my wife called me at work to tell me that Berney was not home. I thought at first he was feeling good enough to walk in the woods which he love to do.

I started calling him and searching out the woods, but no Berney. It was dark by then so I headed back to the house. Before going to bed I left him fresh water and food thinking he may come in and be hungry and thirsty.
I was up several times during the night hoping he would be in his bed, but when morning came he was still not at home.

I told my wife I was going to check out the pasture across the road. The grass was tall so I saddled one of the horses we owned and set out to look for Berney. After about two hours I was ready to give up, thinking he would come home when he got hungry. About that time I saw him laying in the grass under a small oak tree. I knew he was dead by the way he was laying. I got down and checked him over. At first I started cussing and then it was crying. I left him there and went and got my truck and loaded him in the back. Why would anyone want to hurt my dog, he was like a big baby and would not hurt anyone. I took him out in my pasture and found a nice cool spot under a large oak tree. As I cryed I dug out a nice size hole I warped him in a clean blanket that he lay on when I would let him in the house. My wife and I had his funeral right there under that oak tree. We each said goodby to Berney. I piled some rocks over his grave and put a cross on the tree right above his head. He as a good dog and I know God took him to heaven to be his dog.

Mark, I have had several dogs over my 68 years on this earth, but have never had to put one to sleep. I can’t imagine how this must feel. I loved Berney and he loved me and if he had lived long enough I may have had to make that decision. I would have to face this by not think I was ending Berney’s life but giving him a chance to fell like he did when he was young and he can do this by sending him to God Almighty who can take care of him where as we can’t. Barney is gone but you can never lose the memeries and through photos he can still be part of your life.

I have never listened to your show because of my working hours, it comes over WBAP 820 am out of Dallas, Texas.

Thank You for writting this book and sharing your life with Sprite with me and anyone who reads this book.

Gene from TX