Benny & Katie

I heard about Rescuing Sprite on Sean Hannity’s show.

My wife brought home a beagle from a pet rescue 5 years ago. We were told that Katie was 8, turns out she was 10 and from a bad past. We were committed to making up for Katie’s bad past.

Katie brought tremendous joy to our house, along with a few challenges. She came to be a companion for Benny, a beagle that we have had since he was a pup. Benny was 3 when we brought Katie home. The 2 immediately bonded.

A few months ago, we almost lost Katie, that’s when I realized that time may be short. I decided to help prepare I would order Mark’s book for my wife and give it to her for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we took both Benny & Katie to the vet for Benny’s annual, and a follow up visit for Katie and what we thought was a urinary tract infection. Katie had recently not been as hungry as normal, and had been turning her nose up at food, very unlike a beagle!

The vet took the urine sample, looked at Katie’s gums and noticed that they were not a pink as they should be, and he found high levels of creatine in her urine. He recommended an MRI.

We took Katie immediately to have the MRI, and the vet’s worst fears confirmed. Her spleen had been bleeding into her abdomen, and she had masses on her liver. When I asked how long, he said 1-day to 1-week. We were crushed, not the news that you want on Christmas. We committed to take Katie home and spoil her like normal, and try to keep her comfortable until she passed on her own. We didn’t want to have to put her down unless she was in great pain.

I gave Mark’s book to my wife that evening as part of her Christmas gifts, and we both sobbed uncontrollably. She began reading the book immediately.

My wife finished the book on Saturday night, Katie was in bed between us, where she always slept, and Benny was at the foot of the bed.

Around 3:30 AM Sunday, I woke up, not sure why, Katie was still there, breathing very shallow. A few moments later she looked at me and took her last breath. At least she was with us, in her favorite place. We fell short of 5 years by 1-month, but we know she had a great 5-years, what a great friend & companion. We miss her terribly.

Thank you Mark, for your book. It comforted my wife more than I can say.

Keep up the great work you do on your radio program!


Dan from IL