Ben and Billy

Mark, what a wonderful book. I’ve had dogs with me all through my life from the collie on the farm to my beloved black labrador & rescue beagle now. My two are old gentlemen now – Ben (the lab) has lupus and Billy (the beagle) is being tested for Cushings disease. We have many ups and downs now but you know dogs only ever hurt you once and that’s when you lose them – what more wonderful love can you have than that.


I’ve been priviledged to share love several times and each time it was to be the last but deep in my heart I know I’ll always have a dog with me. Bless you and your family for the love, care and consideration you showed Sprite. May Pepsi and Griffen know that same love and consideration for a long time. I shed a lot of tears for you when I read the book Rescuing Sprite and some for the difficult decisions that may come my way this year.

Ethel from England