About three weeks ago, I purchased Rescuing Sprite and I honestly think it was a God sent. I did not know at the time that in just two weeks after reading your book my sweet dachshund, Belle developed degenerative disc disease at a short age of four. Within one day she was completely paralyzed in her back legs. Over Christmas weekend, she was hospitalized and treated with steroids. We continued to nurse her until New Years Eve, but she never showed any signs of improvement. Sadly, the best thing for my beloved pet was to put her to sleep. The book prepared me during her ailment and her passing. Just as Mark did, I plan to plant a tree in Belle’s memory.

Belle was one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve known. She was not a very active dog, and typically loved to sleep in her bed. Otherwise, her favorite spot was in my lap constantly trying to lick my face (and I of course let her). :)
Belle is missed.

Preston from TX


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  1. Rick Says:

    Preston, I too had a dachshund (longhair) with bone disease. He had surgery in Orlando, Florida on 2 occasions. The 1st one lasted 4 years, but the 2nd one only lasted 6 months. He had bad disc’s from front to back. It was the worst day of my life letting him go because he was so full of life and he didn’t seem to be in pain. Three major surgeries for a nine year old would have been too much on both of us. Nine years was way too short. Everywhere around the house reminds me of him. I like mark’s idea of planting a tree, but I know I won’t be in that house forever, so I keep his ashes in a box in his bed with his name on it. That’s all he did was sleep in that bed and it feels like he is still there.