Just finished your book and my husband is still apologizing (wrongly) for getting me the book for Christmas, as I have been crying for the last hour. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt book and a beautiful tribute to your beloved Sprite and also to Pepsi and your family.

You put into words how we feel about our rescue dog, Bear. We adopted him nearly 9 years ago, shortly after losing our 14 year old schnauzer. We had also lost my mother and my husband’s father in the months before. I searched Internet rescue sites and immediately fell in love with his sweet face. The adoption nearly fell through when they discovered at his final checkup that he had heartworms. I was already in love with that beautiful dog and pleaded with them to let us foster him during his treatment. Fortunately, they agreed and he has been ours ever since. We drove across two states to pick him up sight unseen. It didn’t matter because we were already in love.

I don’t know if it’s just my precious Bear (and your Sprite) or if it has something to do with being rescued, but Bear is the best dog anyone could ever hope to share a life with. He has enriched our lives so much that I can’t imagine life without him. Hence, my squalling and crying while reading your book. I will feel exactly as you have felt–and Bear is getting old. He came to us at a time when we were both feeling such loss and we have often commented that he rescued us instead of the other way around.

Thanks so much for the book and I wish you many more wonderful years with Pepsi and Griffen.


Anita from IL