Mark I have not read your book yet but I will, I have just had to put my best friend of 13 years to sleep my puppy name was bandit a yellow lab he was with me through my fathers death job layoff and never failed me always at my side or greeting me at the door, I don’t know how to put all of this in words all I know is I must tell someone about some one that brought so much light in to my life – I’m better today for my relationship with Bandit – I hope some day I can write a book to honor him in the manner he should be honored – mark thank you for talking about this on you show – you have made it a little easier for me – but I miss my best friend and hopefully always will
Thanks Mark,

Pete from ID


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  1. carrie Says:

    We, Carrie and Ed love you and share your suffering….We lost our beautful Rock (yellow lab) a few yrs ago and he is NEVER out of our mind…Know that you are NOT alone there are many of us who know about GODS gift of dogs and are so very grateful!!!

    Kisses, Carrie &Ed