Animal Lovers

I have just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite”. My husband gave it to me for Christmas, the day after we had to euthanize our beloved cat, quite unexpectedly. We are animal lovers who have been blessed with many dogs and cats (a few rabbits, and at this time 3 chinchillas that we rescued from an animal shelter). Thank you for writing this book.


We had not had any dogs for about 4 years when a Samoyed came into our lives through a rescue program. one of those situations where the dog found us. He was our 6th Samoyed and our short time with him very much paralleled your story of Sprite. We have had dogs in our life again ever since, thanks to Colby We have owned shelter cats and dogs, purebreds, and strays. Each one has been a special miracle. It has been painful to lose each one. You have so well captured the essence of what we all feel when we love, and when we lose a pet. Reading your book over the last 2 days has been a catharsis for me, as my cat’s ashes sit in a beautiful box on a special shelf. We will plant him in one of our flower gardens in the spring, as we have done before. I also retired from teaching last June, and have been working part-time at our local Animal Welfare Society shelter ever since. I will be leaving soon to take a long-term substitute teaching position for the rest of the school year for a teacher who has cancer. I don’t think I could work at the shelter long-term anyway, because it is a very emotional experience. You are right about people who work at shelters. They are made of special stuff!! Again, thank you.


Paula from ME