What a terrible loss however what a beautiful time spent you had. I lost my best friend of 14 years in May my Abby she was a dalmatian and I greive and miss her everyday. I just finished your book and could not stop crying and still am. I could also write a book about my Abby she was very protective and never cared for other dogs she tolerated our tri collored collie Sid because he was here first he also passed at age 16 three years ago.

We introduced a bordie collie to her as a companion he lives outside but loves the corn stove in the basement on winter nights. Spike knew of her limits and did not press her he actually rescued her the winter prior to her death I had let her out to do her duty when I got home from work it was dark and she got turned around after two minutes with a flashlight I knew to call spike I called for Abby and spike went on a search and barked when he found her on the frozen pond that she never had went to before. I took my carhart jacket off and made a bed to drag her up to the house on she could not walk it was to far and to deep. She was fine once in the house but then did I realize she was totally blind now. Spike watched her always and he to this day looks for her. He snuck up in the house the other night from the basement to see if she was here and laid on the couch I found his hair there.

We never stop missing them and think of them daily I still at times think I hear Abby in the house and had to watch where I stepped where her dishes use to be for some time. I have her leash still by the door. She is in my heart forever and ever. I will have another dalmatian puppy a female if I can find one she will not be a replacement but a new best friend! God Bless you and your family and Abby and Sprite they play and run together in dog heaven Thank you God!

Brenda from MI