A Word For Sunnie

Dear Mark
I’m writing you with a deep sadness in my heart. You see , I know the feeling of loss from the death of one of God’s creature’s and the pain and anguish of watching them suffer. The sadness of losing a caretaker of this wonderful shelter animals is as great.

Last Thursday January 4,2008 my wife Susan Ellen (Sunnie) Wymbs passed away from an uncontrllable disease. Sunnie was a New Jersey State Animal Control Officer and State certified Cruelty investigator . She lived for the care and welfare of the wonderful shelter dogs of which you have portrayed so eloquently in your absolutely wonderful book Rescuing Sprite. Mark you have so moved me that I needed to thank you in honor of my beloved wife Sunnie for bringing to light the joy and selflessness of rescuing animals from the numerous Shelters throughout the country.You are so right when you say that doing so is God’s work.

Thank you
God Bless you always,

Vincent from NJ

P.S. I’m a proud Letter Carriier for the United States Postal Service for 21 years. People seem to forget that during 9/11, we too were attacked by anthrax and had to deal with insurmountable stress from unfortunate events in making sure we touched each American with our daily deliveries . Could you possibly give us a nod of thanks on your show when you salute our great troops overseas