Zeke, Sophie

When my husband passed away 8 years ago, I was left with his cat, Zeke whom I adopted as my own after we were married. When my husband died, it was just Zeke and I. What a comfort we were to each other. Zeke passed away 3 years later and again my heart was broken. About a year later after encouragement from family and friends, I thought about getting another pet – this time I thought about a puppy because quite frankly I’m allergic to cats. I thought about the big responsibility of having a dog and then made the decision to get my “Sophie”.

After having her now for 3 years it was one of the best things that I had done for myself in a long time. She has been such a blessing. It’s hard to be in a bad or sad mood when you are around her. A dog really is a “woman’s” best friend. I’m sorry for the sadness the Levins have experienced and I look forward to reading Mark’s book.

Sharon from TN