Young Pekingese

Hi Mark, I love your show! I just ordered 2 autographed copies of your book. I can not wait to read it.
I am a long-time dog lover and rescuer. I am the founder of Grace for life animal sanctuary and train people to ride and rehab problem horses to support our rescues. The reason, I mention this, is that when you are a rescuer, you experience many deaths. It really does not get easier. You do learn over time that helping them pass over is our duty as their caretakers and they need us to be ready. They say animals come into our lives for a reason and leave us, when their job is done. I really do believe that I will see them all again. I have to believe that. They each have a piece of my heart and animals are truly our teachers. I am just so excited that the word is finally spreading, about how special these wonderful creatures are. There are no words to express the loss of a pet. My life is surrounded by animals and this is my passion. I have many beautiful memories of lovely senior animals that have spent their last days with me. I do know that I will see them again and that they surround and guide my life. I am grateful to those people, like yourself that are expressing their true love for their pets.

Currently, my heartbreak story is one of a young pekingnese that became paralzyed with invertebral disc disease. I did not choose the surgery route and decided to rehab her the conventional way. It has been almost one year of steroids,valium and muscle relaxers and 4 relapses. . She has 4 strollers and my bed is surrounded by a guard, so that she can not fall off the bed. I spend every day with her and can’t wait to walk thru the door to see her. It has been a long year. l know that I could ose her but I cherish evey day that I have with her. Please keep the animal conversation going. It is more important than some people will ever know. We are the lucky ones. Please try to catch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel.. Caesar Milan is an Angel for dogs and their owners. He is saving many lives. We need more awareness and competent trainers. Also, please try to see the documentary on HBO called Shelter Dogs. It is a real eye opener for most people. I do not support this rescue, nor their practices. But, I would love to have your feedback on their methods.
To test aggression, they shove a fake hand at the dog, while he is eatting, almost to the point of pushing the dog to act out. Oh well, we can’t save the world. I could talk forever about Dogs. Please visit us at http://www.frederickhall.com to see the animals that we have rescued. God Bless you and Sprite.

Debra from MD