My wife and I don’t have children yet, but we do have a wonderful little dog named Wiston. We got Winston, a Havanese, as a puppy just around Valentine’s Day 2007. He just had his one year birthday on December 16th. In July, I was downsized from my employer in Milwaukee, which forced me to find new employment, which happened to call for a relocation to southern California. We needed to sell our condo, but my job required me to move out first to begin work, while my wife stayed behind in Milwaukee until our condo sold. This was a very difficult time, but our little dog did wonders to keep my wife company in between trips to visit each other.


By God’s grace we sold our condo and now my wife and my doggy will be out here in California just in time for Christmas. I also read Rescuing Sprite about 2 weeks ago and boy did that make me really appreciate the companionship that these wonderful animals provide. Thanks Mark and thanks to all of you for sharing your great stories. Hopefully I will have more for later. In this picture Winston’s fur is nearly shaved because his fur was extremely matted. :) He’s still the cutest. Merry Christmas!


Mark from CA


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  1. Bart Bolitho Says:

    The best earthly thing in my life was a Wire Fox Terrier named Winston. I’m 49 and the only thing I fear is the day I take in a new dog and know I may not live long enough to protect him.