Hi Mark

I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite last night. What a wonderful book. I have lost several dogs over the years – most recently this past August. Each loss is different and it just drops the bottom out of your world. In October we adopted a dog from one of the rescue groups here in Wichita. We named him Wiley, he is an Australian Shepherd. He has been a wonderful companion to our 11 year old dog Sara. She is a Lab/Aussie mix. They became great pals witin days. He is probably about 5 years old. I canot imagine my life without a dog or 2 in it. The comfort and love is the best.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I attend a grief support group for pet loss here and it really helps to share your feelings with others who know what you are going through.


Pati from KS

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  1. Pete Madden Says:

    Mark, I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. I knew the book would be about your dog, but I knew little else. I heard about the book from Sean Hannity’s radio show. What a wonderful book. I have two dogs, one from an animal shelter I got about 5 years ago (Peggysue), the other a new polmeranian pup. Your book put a whole new perspective on how I see my dogs. The book taught me that dogs do have feelings, moods, good and not so good days, just like humans, yet they always love us unconditionally. Every morning when I leave for work, Peggysue, waits for a pet and kiss goodbye. She wags her tail vigourously and cries in the evening when I return. These dogs have changed my life. Your book has changed my life with my dogs. I hope Griffen is doing well with you. Thanks for such a great story. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family, and of course Griffen and Pepsi, and always Sprite.