Our precious little girl is named Wicket. She is a 14 yr old Pekingese. Our son named her Wicket because she resembles the Wickets in a “Star Wars” movie. At first, I was angry when our son brought her home because I didn’t want any more pets to take care of but she soon became the love of our lives. Her spirit and determination has been unending. You see, Wicket was born a “swimmer” which is a birth defect in which her leg muscles and tendons were not properly formed and she scooted around on her belly similar to a turtle. Our son brought her home because the breeders were planning on killing her that evening with a hammer. They didn’t want potential buyers to know the mom gave birth to a defective pup. My husband felt a special bond to her right away since he too has a deformed leg and foot. He decided to create a set of braces for her made of leather and snaps. We put them on and took them off every two hours for about a month. The vet said it was an ingenius idea and that it just might train her muscles. It worked!

Thanks to the grace of God, Wicket’s determination and weekly steroid shots, she is a typical little Peke! She loves to run, go for walks and have her nightly wrestling matches with my husband and her toy dinosaur. She has travled with us to many states and Canada. Recently, we bought another baby Peke to help keep Wicket feeling young. At first, Wicket didn’t like the idea but Gracie has grown on her and is very protective of her. These two have given us just as much joy in our lives as our 5 granddaughters!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your animal-loving family.

Janice from CA